Our services, the basic building blocks upon which our company is built.

Inbound Calls

Montage Incoming CallsAt Montage, we’re the call center you hire when you just simply want a higher level of service. We go beyond simply taking your company’s calls. We free your time and keep resources available for your other pressing issues. We handle a tremendous variety of calls for our clients: providing information details, literature requests, incoming sales leads and fielding complaints, to name just a few. In short, our clients hire us and stay with us (for decades!) when they want the highest level of service a call center can provide.

We are not your average call center. In fact, if you’re looking for a basic, low-cost center to receive calls, that’s probably not us. As professionals within the industry, we will even help you by finding the call center that better matches your needs. So please be sure to contact us either way and we’ll give you our direct assessment about whether we’re right for your requirements.

Montage keeps you connected to your prospects and customers. From frontline introduction to product and service inquiries, our fully trained professionals answer the easy and tough questions from prospects and customers.

Inbound Call Service Spotlight: Fielding Complaints

We traditionally offer an integrated approach with our services to our clients. For example, when paired with our outbound calling service, complaint resolution and further follow up can rescue a relationship and even instill positive thoughts. If left alone, certainly the opposite would be true.

We currently take calls from a wide variety of industries. Healthcare, medical device, occupational health, industrial, consumer….to name a few.

Tenure/Experience: Our average tenure is over 10 years, unheard of in the industry. Our employees are respected professionals within the industries within which they serve. Our call center representatives have an extensive knowledge of our clients’ products and services and they are experts in effective interpersonal communication.

Integration/CRM Integration: We interface directly with our clients’ in-house CRM systems (such as Siebel, Kana) and we can also do so with yours. This makes the CRM process so much more efficient and we dramatically reduce the administration costs of our clients’ marketing programs.

More Control, Not Less. Our professionals will work seamlessly and without any noticeable difference when calls are handed off to your in-house experts. Your experts can then hand the call back for resolution, if needed. This gives you more control over your business, not less. You get less control when you hand your important relationships to an unprepared call center. The end user’s voice goes unheard, their issues remain unresolved and their satisfaction with your products and company plummets. When you hire Montage to receive your calls, the end users voice is always heard, their issues get resolved (and followed up on) and satisfaction rates skyrocket. And, most importantly, you retain control of your business.

Outbound Calls

We make calls to contact new customer prospects, qualify and follow up on sales leads, resolve and track complaints, conduct market surveys, and more. This is a difficult area to execute for many organizations and working with Montage’s professionals leads to satisfied customers, more information about your business and more solid communication.

Our lead generation activities to promote your brand and generate excitement in your products and services. Averaging ten plus years of tenure in the Montage call center (unprecedented in the industry), provides you with peace of mind and ensures expert representation of your organization.

Online Chat

An increasingly important support feature in today’s world, online chat has become crucial for every company striving to provide world-class customer service. Montage employs state of the art technology in this area and offers online chat services for you.

Due to Montage’s depth of knowledge of our clients’ products and services, we host chats online to answer customer and prospect questions, follow-up with informational emails and generate reports identifying most popular questions and responses. We will recommend marketing actions to mitigate future customer confusion and ways to help promote products.


Whether you’re looking to mail a marketing letter to a small target audience or need to notify millions of customers about a product recall, Montage has the capability to meet all of your mailing needs. It is key that marketing mailings are precise, professional, on time and on budget. In the mailing business for 42 years, Montage has the capacity to successfully manage your mailing project, from enormous direct mail campaigns and critical targeted mailings to customers or prospects.


Montage FulfillmentOur 20,000 square foot fulfillment facility, centrally located in Milbank, South Dakota, is a tremendous asset for our clients. Built as both a warehouse for fulfillment and with also offices for administration and call center services, our clients store product (stand alone or kits assembled on an as-needed basis), samples, literature promotional merchandise and supplies for secure, proper storage. Montage personnel draw from this stock to fulfill orders and requests. Our team in Milbank are hard-working, conscientious, reliable and dedicated employees that get orders out accurately and on time. These services are provided at an outstanding value when compared to other locations around the USA and the world.

Reliability, professionalism, speed and affordability are key to a trusted fulfillment process. Montage has it all – low costs with the highest quality standards and the record to back it up.


A bit different than standard fulfillment, E-fulfillment is the immediate electronic processing of online orders and requests. We work with our clients to design, for example, a web interface for order entry which is immediately processed at our facility upon submission. Many companies are migrating more and more to E-fulfillment. Montage works with our clients to develop templates for email requests and outbound marketing campaigns that deliver information to their sales channel and end users according to their expectations.


Montage Warehousing 2Montage can handle virtually any warehousing need at our Milbank, SD facility. This facility is secure and scalable for storage of one case of literature to truckloads of your valuable products. No matter where you live, warehousing costs are skyrocketing and often a headache for companies that need storage and frequent access to it. Why not choose a trusted resource that is affordable? Contact us and we’ll describe how our current clients use this facility to their significant advantage.


Every solid marketing department works through its data. Montage understands what’s important and works with each and every client to collect and analyze the data gained through marketing operations. It’s important to learn from our past and Montage is the expert in your corner when it comes to reporting. Up front, we work with you to understand your needs and custom design a reporting system that will work for your business. Documentation is key to every operation. Montage works with our clients to develop how each task needs to be reported, including content, timeliness and distribution. Montage provides timely reporting, whether it is required daily, monthly, quarterly or annually.

Digital Marketing

From digital marketing strategy to ad placement to online reputation management to recruiting, the digital world is such a different place than the physical that you’d be ill-advised to go it alone. Montage’s expertise in digital marketing will chart your course through this ever-increasingly complex maze to make your efforts cost efficient and supremely effective. We also offer strategies on website and social media optimization – in short, how to get the most out of your digital marketing.

Let’s face it, digital marketing is where it’s at these days. In this ever changing technology, it’s not easy to find the right individuals or companies to help market products or communicate in the most effective manner. Montage offers our expertise to help propel your brand.

Financial Transactions

To the extent that it makes sense from an expediting and customer service standpoint, Montage has directly handled or administrated financial transactions for our clients. With internal resources at a premium, financial transactions may need to be outsourced to a trusted partner. Montage has an unblemished track record of managing money and checks, including writing checks to customers on behalf of our clients. To ensure total security, we offer caged and locked areas as well as strict controls over the transaction process.

We have been entrusted with, and excel in, handling back office financial transactions for our clients. Our processes and facilities are secure. You can trust us with this business. A few of the areas we handle are:

• rebate processing & payments

• grant processing & payments

• fee payments for seminars/training

• online credit card processing

Technical Writing

Montage can write your manuals, help files, text for web pages, even provide text for social media for your technical products. We also write for compliance-based projects. We can eliminate the web of jargon for your end users and provide clear, concise communication that helps you sell and support your products. Let’s face facts: Most businesses depend upon repeat sales. How your products are supported through its technical writing will be key to the ongoing success of a product line. Put your writing in the hands of a Montage professional to raise the level of your products in the end users’ eyes.

Video Production

Montage has a long-standing partnership with an award-winning media production company. And by award winning, we mean 4 Emmys and more! Montage can run your video as a turn-key project or can step in and out as needed to maximize the projects’ results. From concept to scripting to shooting to the final edit and launch, we can produce fast, effective videos that will help your business. Look to Montage for your media needs in training, promotional, corporate video, on-line, commercials, broadcast documentaries and non-profit communications. We can handle a tremendous variety of media projects and will be happy to discuss our capabilities in more detail with you.

Web & Social Media Communications

We design websites for training, program administration, internal corporate communications and other various internal uses. We leave the branding to the branding agencies and, in fact, work with many branding agencies to fully execute our clients’ overall marketing strategy and assist with change management. For example, we will use an internal website to administrate an internal sales incentive program for a client. This integration of web services into our delivered solutions is what makes us special and effective.

Montage Connect ™

Montage has developed a proprietary online collaboration tool, Montage Connect™. It can be used as an online tool to replace in-person meetings, an enhancement to online meetings or an excellent, efficient way for a meeting recorder to take meeting minutes in real time for all to see. Staying connected to clients and prospects is the lifeblood of an organization. Montage offers this proprietary, online method to facilitate continuous communication, education, understanding and commitment. We are happy to set you up with a complimentary account to test drive the product and let you see for yourself how it can benefit from its use. The product was borne from Montage’s leadership’s need and vision for an online tool to facilitate the effectiveness and communication of a nonprofit’s board. This tool will help build your team and keep it making progress every day, especially between group meetings. It’s the bridge that will span the divide between plans and execution.